Friday, December 2, 2016  

Suquamish Community Dock

Suquamish elders remember when visitors and tradesOld Mosquito Fleet Dock people were welcomed at the old Mosquito Fleet Ferry Dock in downtown Suquamish.  In the 1930s, a community dock took the place of the pier, but is has since deteriorated and was deemed unusable.

 The Tribe removed the old dock and restored this historical water access by building a new community dock, available to all, for recreation and to promote economic development and tourism. The new dock also has an important cultural function, making participation in canoe outings accessible to elderly and disabled tribal members.



Suquamish Dock Today

The new public dock has restored the Tribe's historical access and the town's connection to the water.  It is a community resource, available to all.  It supports recreation, economic development and tourism.




The new dock has many important functions that include fishing, swimming and boating.  It also makes these activities more accessible to elders and people with disabilities.

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